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Svend Sivertson (Naaden )

             Birth:        2. Apr 1877 - Lauvsnes, Finn°y, Rogaland, Norway
    Christening:     22. Apr 1877 - Hesby kyrkje, Finn°y, Rogaland, Norway
            Death:       4. Apr 1921 - Perley, Norman, Minnesota, US

         Father: Syvert S°rensen Naaden (1849-1921)
         Mother: Anna Serina Sjursdotter (1845-1918)

Wife Matilda Mjolsnes

            Born:     2. Apr 1880 - Landa nere, Finn°y, Rogaland, NOR
     Christened:   25. Apr 1880 - Hesby kyrkje, Finn°y, Rogaland, NOR
           Died:     10. Sep 1947 - Detroit Lakes, Becker, MN, USA


Can this be Sven Sivertson (Naaden) with wife Matilda and the three oldest children? Someone who know?

Is it from left to right:
Myrtle Sylvia Sivertson (vorn in 1911) ?
Sven Sivertson (Naaden) ? 
Alma Ingeborg Sivertson (born in 1906)?
Matilda Mjolsnes ?
Selmer Sivertson (born in 1908) ?

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This is the widow of Sven Sivertson Naaden with three of their children:

From left to right:

Myrtle Sylvia Sivertson (married Henry Betz)
Alma Ingeborg Sivertson (married Gust Gunnarson)
the widow Matilda (maiden name Mjolsnes)
Sigurd Martin Sivertson

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This is Alma Ingeborg Sivertson. She married Gust Gunnarson. Are there someone who know more about Gust Gunnarson?

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