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Welcome to our English home-page.

We have made these English pages so it may be easier for non-Norwegian to read our genealogical publishing.
Our hope is that it may be a help for someone to find ancestors from Norway.
Maybe you can find some of your ancestors among ancestors on our Family, Intermarriage or Other sortet by geographic area.

Who are we?

My name is Geir-Arne Helgeland and my wife is Jofrid (Nåden).
We have four children:

  1. Sven Martin married Vibeke, daugther of Else (Grannes) and Helge Moen.
  2. Alf Sigurd married Anne, daugther of Liv Andersen (Andersen) and Tor Njærheim.
  3. Arnfrid married Johannes, son of Judith (Hommeland) and Sigmund Bjelland.
  4. Øyvind married Mariann, daugther of Anne Brit (Lurås) and Knut Hagen.

We live in Norway at the town Bryne in county Rogaland. The nearest big town is Stavanger.
From Stavanger many people emigrated to America in the year of late 1800 and in the early 1900.
We have many relatives in America, but we only know a few of them. Maybe this side can help us to get contact with more of them.

About the parents to Jofrid

Her mother is born and grown up on an Island in Ryfylke (in Rogaland) called Finnøy on a farm called Hauske (also written Hauskje and Hausken).
Her maiden name is from a farm in Erfjord (now Suldal) called Kolstø.
Her father is born in Tysvær (in Rogaland) and  grown up on the Island Finnøy.
His surname name is from a farm on this Island called Nådå (also written Naaden and Nåden).

About the parents to Geir-Arne

My mother is born near Stavanger (in Rogaland) on a farm called Jåtten (also written Jaaten, Jåthun and Jåtun).
Her maiden name is from her grandfather (fathers father) Torger S. Jatten. Her father was Sigurd Torgersen (real Torgerson but in Norway this is normally used as Xxxxsen).
My father is born on an Island in Ryfylke (in Rogaland) called Ombo.
His surname name is from a farm on that Island called Helgeland (also written Helgaland and sometimes Helland).

We will wish you good luck in your research of ancestors in Norway!!

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